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Diary of A Confused Business Man: Balancing Business, Innovation, and Family

Mike Stein and Rachel Stein at ASP

Leading a dynamic company like ASP requires a blend of dedication, innovation, and work-life balance. Honestly, I suck at balance (ask my wife), but I am trying! As the CEO, every day is a mix of challenges, opportunities, and precious moments with family.

Let's take a journey through a typical day in my life, where business and family intertwine.

Morning Rituals: Coffee, Music, and Harley:

Around 6 am, my day begins. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, setting the tone for the day ahead. But before the hustle and bustle of work, there's a special ritual - watching music videos with my 9-month-old daughter, Harley. She is obsessed with music! Not cartoons, not toys, MUSIC! These moments, filled with melodies and her innocent laughter, are the perfect start to any day.

By 9 am, it's time to shift gears. With coffee in hand, I dive into my emails, ensuring that I'm updated with the latest developments and adding essential tasks to my schedule. At ASP, we utilize for our CRM and project management, making this process seamless. (This is not a sponsored plug. If was wanting to throw money at someone though. Hit me up!)

Mid-Day Hustle: Meetings, Quality Checks, and Process Refinements:

The hours between 10 am to 2 pm are typically packed with meetings. Whether it's client consultations or team discussions, this is the time when strategies are crafted, and decisions are made.

In the gaps between these meetings, my focus shifts to quality checking. Overseeing web development and graphic design projects ensures that our output meets the high standards ASP is known for.

Post 2 pm, my attention turns inward, towards refining our internal processes. Continuous improvement is a mantra at ASP. Consulting with team members and clients, I delve into how we can enhance our workflows.

The goal? Creating ideal customer experiences and ensuring efficient time management for our team. And while drafting procedures might not be my favorite task, the clarity and efficiency they bring to our operations are undeniable.

Evening: Family Time and Winding Down:

Work takes a backseat from 5 pm to 8 pm. This window is reserved for what truly matters - family. Spending quality time with my wife, Rachel, and our daughter, Harley, is the highlight of my day. As Harley drifts off to sleep, Rachel and I catch up. We share the day's events, watch a show on Netflix, and vent about the current hurdles of the companies. Let's be real, running a business is hard and we not robots. By 5pm, we both ready to blow off some steam. It's worth noting that Rachel is no stranger to the challenges and rewards of leadership. Rachel is a Partner at ASP and the CEO of Atomic Souls Counseling. We also have a 3rd company that is currently in the licensing process, so opening in the very near future.

You are correct, we are obviously allergic to free-time.

Late-Night Innovations: Exploring the Future:

The hours between 8 pm to midnight are a blend of relaxation and exploration. This is when I dive into the world of new technologies and opportunities. Lately, my interest has been piqued by AI platforms, especially chatGPT and Midjourney. I have also been really enjoying some of the new things has added with their new WixStudio platform. Really worth checking out if you work at a marketing agency. Probably my favorite toolset at the moment for simple email marketing campaigns. (Again, not sponsored. Just chatting about what I'm using lately. Hit me up WIX!)

While this time is more relaxed, it's also incredibly productive. It's about pursuing passions that align with ASP's vision. Exploring new technologies not only satiates my curiosity but also ensures that ASP remains at the forefront of innovation.

TLDR (I get it. I probably wouldn't read all this either.)

Leading a company is a constant struggle to find balance. It's about balancing the demands of a dynamic business with the joys of family life. It's about ensuring excellence in our projects while also setting aside time for personal growth and exploration. Every day is a trial of passion, dedication, and discipline. I'm still far from perfect but when pursuing that ideal balance, one can achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment.


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